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Poetry is an important part of history. There is a website called the Poetry Foundation which works to keep poetry in today’s society and for its importance to be recognized. The website is very comprehensive in that it provides a number of poems for enjoying, special resources, programs, and so forth. When you are browsing the poems you can view specific catagories. This means you can browse by subject such as nature or love or you can browse by the period when it was written and so forth. There are a lot of great options for exploring the website’s directory of poems. The poetry direction is iPhone and iPad compatible for those times when you are out and about and need some quick inspiration. The Poetry foundation is the publisher of a magazine dedicated to Poetry, which is simply called Poetry. The website also allows you to get in touch with the organization or subscribe to the official Newsletter. You can also connect with the Poetry foundation on their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages. The Poetry Foundation even has an official app available. The Poetry Foundation is based out of Chicago. For more information on The Poetry Foundation be sure to check out their official website at For more information on Dr. Jerry Hankins, please visit the remainder of this website or one of his other sites that can be accessed via the link section.

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In the biography for this website, Dr. Jerry Hankins discusses why the arts are important to him. A museum that is well known for displaying the arts is of course the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The MET is highly regarded by fans of art and general tourists. The Metropolitan Museum of Ars website provides a lot of great information about the museum, that may be useful to explore before visiting. It should be reassuring that out of 966 Google reviews, the average rating is 4.5 stars out of five. This should instill some confidence in potential attendees. Some of the pages on the website include Exhibitions, Collections, Events, Blogs, and shopping opportunities. The website has an option that lets you explore the pages in a variety of languages, which may be welcoming to non-native English speakers. The hours are clearly displayed on the homepage. The Exhibitions page include current, upcoming, and past exhibitions. If you want to find out about special art events occurring at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, check out the events page and then you can search through the different events by program. There are talks, tours, performances and so forth. If you want some artistic gear- there is a Metropolitan Museum of Art store as well, which has many cool things for your home or office. Benefit parties can also be attended at the MET which is sure to make for an unforgettable evening. For more information about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, please visit the museums official website  at The site is definitely worth checking out. If interested, it is free to become a member as well. For more information about Dr. Jerry Hankins and his appreciate for art, please visit the homepage for this site or alternatively, visit Dr. Jerry Hankins’ other websites by checking out the link section.

The official Metropolitan Museum of Art website can be found here:

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